The Sixth Son



    Neil Mallick cut his teeth as an artist playing in the counter-culturalist dives & derelict campfires of Post-Recession America.

     Described as a Down & Out Musician of Philadelphia by journalist Matthew Albasi, as a Bluesman of Bessemer, AL by living-link Henry Gip Gipson, & as the Chanteuse of Slab City by TIME Video correspondent James Hall, Neil has carved a distinctive, multi-faceted trail with his main project, The Sixth Son.

     The Self, Titled EP - The Sixth Son's self-produced debut, soon to be re-released on Records Ad Nauseam - served as the musical backdrop for multiple tours of North America, traveling as far south as Guadalajara & Mexico City and as far north as Victoria, BC & Toronto.  April 2015 was The Sixth Son's first tour of Europe.  Through all of this, Neil Mallick alternated between Los Angeles & Slab City as a home-base while working on new material, and very recently he has attracted the attention of Records Ad Nauseam in Hollywood, CA, who will be releasing The Sixth Son's debut LP How Real Is Real? in 2018.

     The sound & aesthetic of The Sixth Son can be described as Singer-Songwriter/Futurist, tapping into the deep well of common turmoils & triumphs, while looking forward, but always speaking to the moment.  Los Angeles music journalist Brad Roberts writes of the live-performance:  "[I] have first hand knowledge of just how good Neil Mallick, and whatever band he puts together, is.  The first time I saw him... his only accompaniment was a guy on a saxophone... the sounds they made were uncanny and it was a completely involving set highlighted by Neil's remarkably flexible voice coupled with his powerful, Hendrix-influenced raging guitar... At another show I hosted in December, The Sixth Son had become a band... which turned into a musical free-for-all... in April it was as a solo, so I can say with confidence, no matter how many (or any) other musicians he plays with, he always delivers a surprising, remarkably skillful set."


     The Sixth Son will be releasing How Real Is Real? on various analogue/digital formats with Records Ad Nauseam this fall.  2018 and beyond should see the continuation of releases, publications, & playing music in the world, for people.